Forget the Resolution

Forget the Resolution

Yes, you’ve read correctly.  For all those who routinely begin their January with an idealized list of hopes and dreams, perhaps the start of a new decade begs a new beginning. 

There is something both frightening and refreshing about the first page of this new calendar.  There is trepidation in the unknown along with wonder, anticipation and anxiety about what will fill the pages to follow.  On the flip side, there is something liberating about a new year.  Nothing is set in stone, the story has yet to be written. Perhaps that’s enough to start off a great new year; the knowledge everything is behind us and everything now lies ahead of us.

A new year reminds us that we are the captains of our ship.  We have yet to make the decisions that we’ll look back on in December and with either joy or regret.  Whatever the feeling we end up with as 2020 closes will be the result of the choices we make as the year opens.

So rather than writing the endless lists loaded with the impossible, the unattainable and the unrealistic, start the year knowing the pages are blank and waiting to be filled.  Make a resolution not to make a resolution. Write the story as you go along, assess each situation as it comes, and make each decision to the best of your ability with the information you have at hand.  Ultimately, you are the author of your story, fill the pages as you wish.  Know you can erase, cross out, write over, and always start again, not just on January 1st. 


May everyone enjoy the ride of 2020!

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