Keeping Your Loved Ones Close: The growing trend of memorial jewelry

As a funeral director, I sit with families daily in helping prepare a fitting final tribute for their loved ones.  During these arrangement conferences I learn much about the life of the deceased, the family dynamics and the preferences loved ones have for ways to memorialize the person they have lost.

Grief is as unique as our fingerprint.  What one family chooses to do for their loved one will offer differ dramatically from a family that I’ll meet later the same day.  What remains constant, however, is the desire for tangible comforts and ways in which family members can keep the memory of their loved ones alive.  For some, the warmth of a blanket, the smell of an old bottle of perfume, or the feeling of an old photograph, provide comforting memories of the deceased.  The ability to touch and grasp something can connect us to the ones we long for.  Perhaps that is the sentiment behind the recent trends in memorial jewelry.  These beautifully crafted pieces allow us to keep our loved ones literally close to our hearts and they serve as a visible, tangible reminder each day that the ones we’ve lost are never far from us.

There are so many options available for remembrance jewelry.  Among the items available are pendants that showcase the deceased’s thumbprint.  The print is made into silver or gold and can be customized with a birthstone and loving sentiment engraved on the back.  Other items resemble more popular jewelry trends and allow you to create “stories” with beads depicting your relationship with the deceased.  There are some pendants that hold cremated remains in both silver or gold such as hearts, tear drops and crosses.  Recently, glass remembrance items have become quite sought after.  These delicate creations are made with actual cremated remains and transformed into pieces of jewelry or sculptures.

Remembrance jewelry is not something that everyone desires.  There are some who will perish the thought and ultimately, this is about personal choice.  There is no right or wrong way to memorialize your loved one or honor their memory.  However, with more options becoming available, we encourage our families to learn of all their choices.  You might not be ready to select these items until sometime after your loved ones has passed but knowing your options allows you to make better informed decisions for you and your family.

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