In the course of a day one never knows what they will hear or what will be asked of them?  Some questions amaze us, some comments “WOW” us, and other comments are familiar as we’ve heard them time and time again.  Personally, I never tire of hearing a question asked repeatedly pertaining to my industry as I’m aware that many people, if not most, are not comfortable with the subject of death and lack the knowledge of how to plan a funeral.  That’s where I come in… This post is the first in a series you will read on this blog, entitled, “FREQUENTLY ASKED FUNERAL QUESTIONS”.  I am offering the topics as I call them to mind but I invite all readers to post their questions in this forum and I, or my staff will provide you with the best answer possible.  No question is too crazy, too silly, too small or too big (well…maybe not but I’ll try my best).I hope the topics, questions and answers in this forum will prove most helpful to you and your loved ones.

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A.  So glad you asked!  I am on the receiving end of this question quite frequently whether I’m out at social functions, dining with friends, taking phone calls at the office or meeting one on one with families.  Media and other outlets over the years have generated quite the stigma about the high cost of funerals.  As a result, there is a fear amongst people that the cost will be too high for them to absorb.  Allow me to put you at ease…                                                                                                                                    I tell everyone who asks that the cost of a funeral is what you make of it.  There is no set, standard or blanket answer to this question.  Funerals, like anything else we plan in life, are personal experiences.  How one person wishes to honor their loved one will vary from how another person chooses to do so, thus costs will vary.  What I want to stress is that there is always a way to honor a life that was lived.  There is always something we can do to allow a person a dignified funeral or memorial while keeping in line with cost concerns or budget restrictions.                                                                                                                                                                   With anything in life, the more you add, the more cost you will incur.  With funerals, the same principal applies.  A family selecting a traditional wake, casket, flowers, etc. will spend more than the family selecting direct burial or direct cremation.  However, the cost of traditional services is not as high and unattainable as one might imagine.  Following each funeral, we survey our families to make sure we offered the finest care possible and learn if there are ways we can improve.  One of the questions asked on the survey seeks to measure the client’s reaction to cost; whether it was higher, lower or about what was expected?  An overwhelming majority of people answer the costs were about as expected.  Funeral costs are relative.  Prices set are indicative of operating costs, consumer value index, geographic locations and simply the times we live.                                                                                                                So the short answer; the cost of a funeral is what you make of it.  I urge everyone to abandon the preconceived notion that costs are too high and allow us to help create a funeral that is the best fitting tribute for you or your loved one.

For more information, email me at or call us in NY at 914-698-5968 or 203-869-5968, for one of the licensed director’s in our CT location.  I’d welcome a chance to answer your questions in this series.  Leave a comment or email directly.



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