Finding your Faith

Recently I sat down on air with Fr. Chris Monturo, the Pastor of St. Anthony of Padua in West Harrison.  Our discussion focused on faith, specifically, the impact it has on recovering from loss.  Fr. Chris shared his wisdom and insights that the ability to recognize a higher power, a supreme being, and a greater purpose ultimately help us find light in our life’s darkest moments.  Together we reflected on stories of how we’ve personally witnessed families find healing through prayer and unlock the strength to continue living with the comfort of knowing that God is with them.

Faith, however, is not often measured in a straight line.  Various points of our life will test our faith and it will know both highs and lows.  Difficult times and circumstance will cause us to question God, if not cast anger and blame.  Times of joy, on the other hand, will often bring forth gratitude to the Lord and a renewed faith and devotion to Him.  Perhaps, though, the sadness and hardships on our journey are necessary to make us grow as truly spiritual beings.  Perhaps the uncertainty, the “why?”, “why me?” are necessary questions that we must grapple with at certain points along the way.  We must all, at some point, get to our lowest point, so that we can place our faith in God to pull us through.  At our worst times, faith is all we have left.  And when we emerge on the other side of our tragedy, we are better off beings having witnessed firsthand the loving hands of God.

We do not come out of the storm the same person we were when we entered…that’s the purpose of the storm.  No one escapes this life without sadness, defeat, hardship or some personal pain.  No one, however, is out of the reach of the healing power of faith.  Faith is the ability to believe when there seems nothing to believe in.  But faith needs to be tested.  We occasionally need reminders that this life is not perfect but we can overcome and we can do so by having faith.

As a funeral director, my faith is tested regularly.  When the phone rings and tragedy is on the other line, it’s easy to lose heart.  But at the end of the day, the comfort of knowing that God is with us and that He is good, for me, is enough to keep going.  Knowing that there is a greater purpose in this life and believing that there is a plan, is a personal reminder to keep the faith.

For those who have lost their faith, perhaps the start of a new year can offer you a new beginning.  Faith doesn’t have to come from a pew or a pulpit, rather it’s a personal journey that begins within us.  We all need something to believe in, something to fuel us, to both feed and nourish our soul.  Perhaps now is a good time to find your faith if you have been searching for some time.

And so, I leave you with this…Where there is life, there is hope, where there is hope, there is faith.

Sending best wishes always,


I invite you to share your own personal thoughts on this page.  Has there been a time in your life where your faith was tested?  Did the experience make your faith stronger or is it still a struggle?  Your input is always welcome and appreciated.

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