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Headlines being made in the funeral industry…guess that’s my que for a blog post…

Many may have noticed yesterday’s headlines with reference to the new law passed in NY State allowing food and non-alcoholic beverage to be served in the funeral home.  NY had been one of the last states to adopt such a law.  The issue has long divided the industry itself with the older generation of funeral directors staunchly opposed versus the new generation of “anything goes”?!  Me…I’m somewhere in the middle. 

While I and my family seek to provide every imaginable comfort and convenience to a family we serve, it is difficult to reconcile the notion of people paying respects to a loved one with a sandwich in hand.  And that, I can assure you, will not be seen at Coxe & Graziano.  While food is permitted in the building, we will offer it, should a family request, in a discreet, discerning location.  The utmost reverence must always be afforded to the deceased and their grieving family.  We will continue to provide such while also accommodating the new law.  Our diligence to provide the finest facility in Westchester County will not be compromised by the availability of food.  We will maintain our clean and sanitary funeral home to perfection.

Moving on to the next headline of the difficulty funeral homes have with survival, I don’t feel the story was accurately portrayed in the media (shocker).   Yes, it is true that smaller funeral homes have been forced to close their doors and likely you will see more of that in time.  Death, however, remains the only constant in this world.  Sadly, it’s the one unifier for all of us in that we will all succumb to it at some point.  What will determine a funeral home’s survival is the level of service they are providing.  Those funeral homes that have garnered a reputation for detailed, concierge-like service, where every need of a family is not just met but anticipated, will remain.  The geographic confines that often dictated which funeral home you selected, (i.e.- going to your local funeral home in town), will dissipate as more and more people will travel that extra mile to go to the trusted name.  At Coxe & Graziano Funeral Homes and Zion Memorial Chapel, we are proud of our reach throughout the Sound Shore Community of Westchester, into Fairfield County CT, the boroughs of NYC, Rockland and Putnam Counties. Families come to us not always because we are close and convenient but rather, they will be at ease knowing their loved one is being cared for by trusted, capable hands.  They know of our reputation and the peace of mind it will afford them.

It is true, the days of 4 or 5 funeral homes in one town are but a memory.  In the end, the strong will survive.  The ones committed to excellence, the ones who embrace the profession as a calling but not a business, the ones who pour their hearts & souls and sacrifice their time and talent, these are the funeral homes that will remain.

Enough from me, tell me what you think? What are your thoughts of the new food & beverage law enacted?

What are thoughts on the reduction in number of funeral homes?

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