As Mother's Day Approaches...

On this seemingly rare sunny day, I was called outside to see nothing short of a miracle. Mockingbirds have apparently taken up residence in a tree outside our front porch in Mamaroneck and the “mama bird” had been patiently awaiting the arrival of her offspring….until today. Doug, our maintenance man and important part of our CG family, told me the mother remained nestled in the tree for days and would fly out to ward off any person, object, animal or bird, she perceived as a threat to her young. Today, with the arrival of her baby bird, her role as protector, grew that much stronger.

Watching the newly hatched bird tucked safely in its nest, surrounded by its mother and the pieces she wove together to provide safety and warmth, was a poignant moment. First, it reminded me that there is more going on in the world and universe than that which is confined by my view in the office. There is a larger circle of life that is in perpetual motion.

More importantly, no matter what size, shape or species we are, those of us who are mothers, are all united by a common goal…protecting our children. The mother bird sitting outside my window right now will let no harm come near her baby. She’s gathered twig and twine and objects or debris from the ground in effort to provide a safety nest for her child. Hence the term, “nesting” when a woman is preparing for the arrival of a new baby….or in the alternative, “empty nest”, when the flock has flown away. The nest represents a safety and security that we feel thanks to our mothers. Whether it be birds or women, we create the comfort and warmth of a home with whatever tools we have to do so. If we see harm coming towards our children, we strike or attack. We coddle them and do whatever in our power to keep them safe.

A mother is perhaps the only creature in this world incapable of rest, for her mind is always focused on her children. There is always something to worry about, regardless of what age or stage of life. A mother’s intuition is rivaled by nothing else and all of us as children, at some point or another, will have a moment when we realize, our mothers were always right.

When the work of raising their children is complete, mothers go on to become grandmothers. A role that allows them to find an even deeper love, although seemingly impossible. Grandmothers often provide even greater comforts in their indulgence of their grandchildren as well as their removal of any limits or boundaries parents may place on children. It is true, a mother’s work is never done and that is especially witnessed through grandmothers.

That is why the pain of losing a mothers and grandmothers is among the toughest to bare in life. Mothers provide the strength of a rock, the security of an anchor, and a love that surpasses all other things. Their passing leaves a void of which nothing can fill. During this month of May we pause to honor all mothers, all the women who nurture, love and protect, and most especially, our Blessed Mother, who watches over all.

A mother’s love begins at the moment of conception and remains until her last breath is taken on this earth. Her worry and desire to protect continues no matter how old her children become. Words alone fall short to describe the inexplicable bond a mother shares with her child. Let us take time to acknowledge the mothers or maternal women in our life, this month especially. May God bless them and be with them as they love, nurture and protect their children, always.

Happy Mother’s Day to my own mom, and to all the moms out there. And sending love and prayers to Heaven for my nana, grandma and great grandmother, who are with me in spirit every day.

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