Is cremation cheaper than burial?

This is a question I’m often met with whether I’m out on the town or sitting in my office.  So many people broach the subject of funerals with trepidation for the “high costs” they are anticipating.  For those, I invite you to go back earlier in the blog to Question 1 in this series.

As I’ve previously stated, funeral costs are dictated by the family.  What you select will determine the price.  There are ways to keep costs down if you are working within budget.  The important thing is to begin an honest dialogue with your funeral director on what your concerns are.  Personally, when I meet with a family I am upfront with service costs before they select merchandise such as a casket.  This honest approach helps a family select an item that better coincides with their needs and eliminates any surprises at the end.

Cremation is not necessarily cheaper than burial.  For some items, there will be a noticeable drop in price when cremation is selected.  The crematory itself, for example, is significantly less than that of a cemetery opening charge.  There lies the biggest price difference that you will note.  Cremation, however, doesn’t automatically imply that there are no other services.  Most people who opt to be cremated still wish to have a wake and/or religious service.  In these cases, the services of the funeral home remain the same whether burial or cremation are selected.  For those who are selecting a direct cremation with no services, yes, that will be a significantly less cost than burial. 

Merchandise items such as a casket are often less for a cremation than a burial.  However, once a cremation has taken place you will likely wish to purchase items to better memorialize your loved one such as an urn, smaller “keepsake” urns to divide amongst family, scattering urns or something from our beautiful line of jewelry.   So while you will save money on a casket, you may be inclined to purchase additional items.

The moral of the story is that price differences between burial and cremation exist but are not as large as some might imagine.  There are options for everyone.  Regardless or your price point or other preferences, our directors are here to custom tailor options for you and your family.  Asking questions, sharing thoughts and making your wishes known are always the best way to ensure you are receiving the best possible option.  We always invite questions by calling, emailing, or stopping by.

Let us know your thoughts…are you surprised to know that cremations are not much cheaper than burials? Or is there a question you would like us to answer? Join in the conversation below…

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