Book Review: "Proof of Heaven, A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife"

As a devout Roman Catholic, I adhere to the belief that Heaven exists, It is as a funeral director, where I find my struggle. For although I take immense comfort in the thought that we will all meet again and the loving bonds we form on this Earth are not for naught, I wrestle with that which I can not see, touch, or witness first hand. I picked up, “Proof of Heaven, A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife”, not on a whim. The title caught me as I assumed the scientific, literal minded neurosurgeon would likely question the existence of Heaven far more than I. If he had a story to tell, it must have been real…so I thought. Spoiler alert…I was correct.

“Proof of Heaven” chronicles the near death experience “NDE” of Dr. Eben Alexander, an acclaimed Neurosurgeon from Virginia. After years of treating patients with paralyzing and grim prognosis’ he found himself an ill-fated patient. Dr. Alexander was the subject of a medical mystery, a victim of a rare, if not unheard of medical condition. For days he lay in a coma, the parts of his brain controlling thoughts and emotion, completely void of life. And while his family kept to his beside holding vigil while doctors offered no hope, no promise, Dr. Alexander had his eyes wide opened to a new realm. He chronicles his journey to Heaven with such vivid specificity, it is as if the reader is brought to an Afterlife, themself.

The juxtaposition of Dr. Alexander’s work as a technical, literal, arguably myopic medical professional, finding himself on the verge of death and experiencing a world beyond, is what captivates the reader. The author had no reason to believe in a life after, yet he candidly offers vivid physical descriptions of the place to where he traveled while his body lay lifeless in a coma. But more than the physical account, he offers something even greater to the reader, the message that the life after this one is purely LOVE. There is no right, no wrong, no questions, only abundant love from the Creator, Himself. There is universal acceptance and the overarching comfort that none of us, in fact, are alone.

Dr. Alexander shares his journey in the hopes of spreading this message. The details of his personal journey were recorded independently of his research on Near Death Experiences and accounts of the Afterlife. His tale is both raw and real.

For a skeptic who desperately wants to become a believer, this book helped me bridge the gap. Dr. Alexander humbly shares a personal experience, fully recognizing he would likely be dismissed by many. But the message of Heaven was far too great for him to keep to himself. “Proof of Heaven” is both inspiring and uplifting. For those who are looking for a reason to believe, here it is, And for those who have doubt, perhaps your appreciation will be even greater.

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